If KINK is your lifestyle, enjoy it

If QUEER is your identity, enjoy it

Are you ready to embrace your true identity

and explore your intimate desires

without any guilt or shame?




Maria Elena – Your Trusted Intimacy and Identity Coach


Empowering individuals is my passion

I’ve helped helped countless individuals like you break through barriers, reclaim their self-confidence, and find unbridled joy in their sexual and sensual experiences.


Program Details

🔸 12 One-to-One Personalized Sessions

🔸 Tailored Guidance for Embracing Your True Self

🔸 Proven Techniques for Overcoming Shame and Guilt

🔸 Strategies for Building Self-Confidence and Freedom

🔸 Expert Insights for Maximizing Sexual and Sensual Satisfaction


My Message: «Be Unapologetically You»


«At our core, we believe that your kinks and your queerness are integral parts of your being.

You deserve to live your truth without any inhibitions or societal pressures.

Embrace your identity and explore your desires with pride.»


My Promise: Empowerment and Liberation


🔹 Unshakable Self-Confidence to Own Your Truth

🔹 Complete Freedom from Societal Stigmas and Expectations

🔹 Authentic Joy in Embracing Your True Self

🔹 Release the Pressure and Enjoy a Fulfilling Sexual and Sensual Life


Investing in Your True Self is priceless


Your investment in this transformational program is an investment in your well-being, happiness, and freedom.


Take the first step towards a life of authenticity and bliss today.



Note: Limited Spots Available. Act Now to Begin Your Journey of Self-Discovery.

About Maria Elena


Embracing Authenticity and Liberation


Life has a deadline. It’s a reality we all face. Some choose to ignore it, while others grapple with the uncontrollable. Personally acknowledging this truth has emboldened me to live fearlessly and authentically.


My journey to self-acceptance began with the discovery of my Queer (LGTB) identity after a life-altering divorce. Although I embraced my Kink (BDSM) lifestyle, shame hindered my ability to fully enjoy it. My critical view of others mirrored my own inner struggle, hindering my personal and professional life.


In 2020, my daughter’s identification as a transgender non-binary individual introduced me to the world of trans identity. This experience spurred my training in sexuality and gender identity, leading me to support other TRANSparents and advocate for understanding gender diversity.


A pivotal moment came when my daughter reminded me that I am more than just a mother of a trans person. This prompted an introspective journey toward honesty and self-acceptance.

Liberating myself from deceit brought an unparalleled sense of freedom, reminding me of the high cost of self-betrayal.


My process involved self-compassion, inner exploration, and a relentless pursuit of peace. I realized the significance of external support, empathy, and a safe space for genuine self-expression beyond my immediate circle.


Sharing this transformation isn’t just a change in my public image; it’s a commitment to impart my learning and support those in need. It’s a testament to my personal and professional metamorphosis.


Thank you for being with me on this journey. Your presence and support mean the world to me.


With gratitude,

Maria Elena

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