Women around the world say…

«I felt acknowledged and understood»


I had the chance to be coached by Maria Elena as I was seeking clarity and feeling sooo lonely.


She made me feel safe so I was able to share deep and personal insights.

I felt acknowledged and understood.


She made me realize that in order to connect with myself I need to be aware of my feelings and emotions.


I walked out of the session feeling confident with myself and with concrete tools to keep moving forward throught my journey.


Thank you so much Maria Elena.

You are a gem!



Noreen Alibhai (Ivory Coast)


«She has amazing listening skills«

Maria Elena is a soft spirit with an intuitive nature.
She goes above and beyond in her coaching experience.
She is a woman of few words but asks powerful questions and has a secret power of deep listening. She can hear a flood of information from a client and pluck out the essential parts to dive deeper and is able to draw out points of struggle to challenge you for optimal results.
Her sessions always end with meditations-type exercises or just a sense of peace and calmness to ground you into the present and encourage you for what the future holds.
Looking forward to more sessions with Maria Elena.



Vanessa Donaldson (USA)

«She can create magic in a single session«


Maria is one of those people who can create magic in a single session.


She is one of the most empathetic people, trustworthy ,whose mere presence and lovely smile can comfort anyone.


With her deep listening skills, powerful questions and wise words she helps reach insights and come up with our own solutions to our challenges.


She can very easily help us recognise or remember our strengths and come up with the right kind of quotes etc to really keep us motivated.


She is an awesome coach and it’s a privilege to be coached by her


                                              Vanitha Naik (UK)

«She focuses on the client»




Maria is an amazing coach.


She has something special -some spark that provides her with her natural gift to guide others and help them to transform their lives.


Her presence during a season creates a safe space, which is absolutely crucial during a session.


Maria focuses on the client and picks up on the little nuances that can lead a conversation in the right direction and take things to the next level. Her warmth, empathy and willingness to help others is absolutely amazing.


Her positive energy and great sense of humor radiate from her, helping her to make an impact, even when it comes to difficult topics, in a delicate yet ultimately transformative manner.


When sharing her vast experience she allows to believe in your abilities and find your own path.


Maria is a great speaker and her stories are extraordinary.


My first session with Maria was an amazing adventure during which I immersed myself in my vision and felt what my soul desires and what is calling me.



I highly recommend Maria as a coach.

She has an extraordinary talent and a gift when it comes from helping others





Aga Dietrich (Warsaw – Poland)


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